The Secure The Grid Minute

Atlanta Travelers Weren’t Ready. Will YOU BE When the Grid Goes Down?

December 18, 2017

This is Tommy Waller with the Secure The Grid Minute. 

Yesterday the busiest airport in the world suffered an electrical blackout lasting about 10 hours.  Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed’s announcement that “authorities immediately started distributing water” to travelers after the power went down, illustrates just how unprepared most Americans are to go anywhere or do anything without the support of a constant flow of electricity.  How ready are YOU to live without power?  

Our nation’s enemies – such as North Korea and Iran – know very well just how devastating it would be for America to lose its grid, which is why they are planning and rehearsing ways to attack it – the most catastrophic being through a nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse – or EMP – attack which would devastate the grid and all infrastructure upon which it depends.  Have our elected officials taken the EMP threat seriously?  Absolutely not.  Will you? 

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