The Secure The Grid Minute

An Executive Order That Must Inspire a Paradigm Shift on EMP

March 29, 2019

This is Tommy Waller with the Secure The Grid Minute.  

This week President Trump issued an Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to EMP.  Until now, many in government and private industry have been rewarded for downplaying the threat from EMP and ridiculing those who warned about EMP as “unreasonable” or “apocalyptic.”  

This Executive Order builds upon the research of the Free World’s most credible experts – the Congressional EMP Commission – and directs the U.S. Government to take the threat seriously.  

Naysayers should be put on notice.  The paradigm has shifted.  

Not only does America’s survival depend on those in Government addressing EMP, but now so does their career progression.  Let’s pray our civil servants will embrace this sea change and waste no time executing the orders of the Commander in Chief! 

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