The Secure The Grid Minute

Authorizing Defense Spending With ONE BIG ASSUMPTION

November 15, 2017

This is Tommy Waller with the Secure The Grid Minute.   

Thankfully, many Americans are grateful for the service of military and law enforcement but very rarely ever think about the incredible work that is done around the world to provide for their defense.  Another aspect of daily life that most Americans take for granted is electricity, how we depend upon it for every aspect of our civilization, and how without it – not even our military or law enforcement could do their jobs.  

American citizens count on those of us in the business of National Security to be concerned with these challenges, most especially those in the Armed Services Committees of Congress, whom they elected.  Read this year’s National Defense Authorization Act, or just the summary, and you’ll note that it was written with one BIG ASSUMPTION – that electric power will be available. 

Our enemies know this critical vulnerability and are working hard to exploit it.  Let’s pray that the Executive Branch recognizes the shortcomings of this NDAA and appoints a Task Force to rapidly secure our nation’s most critical infrastructure – its electric grid.  Learn more at

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