The Secure The Grid Minute

Did Iran just demonstrate they can take down the United States?

April 24, 2020


This is Tommy Waller with the Secure the Grid Minute. This week, Iran reportedly launched a military satellite using the same advanced technologies that guide intercontinental ballistic missiles, which could deliver nuclear, chemical, or even biological weapons to “wipe Israel off the map,” attack U.S. bases and allies in the region, and even US and NATO installations as far away as Western Europe. 

Most worrisome, though, is that the Iranian’s appear to have just rehearsed a decades-old technique developed by the Soviets which would use what appears to be a peaceful satellite launch as a method of conducting an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack against the US homeland, taking down our electric grid, its communications, and every other critical life sustaining infrastructure with it. Thankfully, this week we also learned of a new report by the Foundation for Resilient Societies, who found that it is technically feasible and affordable for us to protect this communications and grid infrastructure from EMP. 

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