The Secure The Grid Minute

The MOST IMPORTANT Terrain To Defend Against North Korean Aggression is NOT in Asia!

November 7, 2017

This is Tommy Waller with the Secure The Grid Minute.   

As President Trump conducts his lengthy and vitally important visit to Asia, he will undoubtedly be briefed by U.S. Military leaders on the threat from North Korea to our Asian allies.  Hopefully these briefings include a detailed look at the physical and human terrain in that area of operations. 

We would like to remind the President, though, that the most important terrain we must consider when defending against North Korea is in the exo-atmosphere – at an altitude of 30KM or higher – above our own United States. 

It is in THAT battle space that the backwards hermit kingdom, North Korea, can defeat the most advanced and sophisticated civilization on earth, and with just one nuclear weapon.  Detonating an atomic bomb in the exo-atmosphere produces Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP, which can wipe out our modern technology, and most importantly, our electric grid – upon which we depend for every facet of our lives. 

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